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Video production

SPL Communications is one of the North’s longest established video production companies. We’ve been making effective film and video since 1992. From sales videos to training videos; from storyboarding to post-production, we offer a truly comprehensive video production service.

Video Production EXPERTS

Video Production Services


All production companies say they can look after the whole video production process. We know we can – after all, we’ve done it effectively for years. We also know that many other producers don’t even consider some aspects of a production, often due to a lack of experience!  With SPL Communications, you’re dealing with a well-established company working to the highest standards of creativity. 



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"The attention to detail from brief to final film from SPL is superb.  Getting to grips with the issues, showing clear understanding of the task in hand and then executing it is rare and Ian managed to do this perfectly and quickly.  His guidance and suggestions resulted in films that exceeded our expectations.  I can’t recommend SPL highly enough."

Helen Dickenson, Head of Marketing, Solvo Vir


"If you are after someone who is flexible, dedicated, understands your vision and someone who doesn't stop until the final result is perfect then SPL Communications should be your go to! I've lost count of the amount of hours I've spent working with Ian across 2022; he became a part of a team for us.."

Gabi Challis, Bauer Media


"We are very happy with the final product, which is rapidly accumulating views – and likes - on our YouTube channel. The video is polished and engaging, with a fluent voice-over and narrative trajectory that is compelling and also intriguing.
We are absolutely delighted and we cannot recommend SPL Communications, and Ian Sandall, highly enough."

Patrick Gaydecki, Signal Wizard Systems


"We were delighted with the videos produced by SPL. We were also impressed with Ian’s understanding of our processes, enabling him to ask the right questions when interviewing and then structure the videos to appeal to our target audiences. I can highly recommend SPL to anyone looking for a professionally-produced technically-based video."

Mike Lodge, Former CEO, Arvia Technology



Launch of a new MINI Seven special edition at The Goodwood Festival of Speed


Launching  whole new concept in paint – in The Philippines.


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Why choose spl for your video production?

When you’re choosing a video production company to work with, what should you look for?

The main crew of Steamhaus taken at launch


You need to look for producers, directors and technicians with a track record of high-end video marketing and corporate projects. People with extensive broadcast and blue-chip backgrounds who can deal with clients at all levels – from shop floor to boardroom. People that have lots of life experience, and a good understanding of business. Plus you’ll want to know that those people have more than just a dash of creativity.  That’s us. In a nutshell.

Filming Kids at Play Ride-on Daleks toy commercial


Can the film production company you work with handle every aspect of the production – even when the goalposts are moved on (say) a Sunday afternoon for a Monday morning shoot? Do they have the wherewithal, the contacts and the lateral thinking to dig in and work all day to make it happen?  That’s us too!   Let's be brutally honest here. We were making films when they were actually shot on film, so we have masses of experience!

Filming P Z Cussons '125' corporate video in Greece


Film production is an industry driven by passion. And the people you choose need to be passionate about it. We love video production. Quite often to the detriment of doing other stuff, we’re told.  At SPL Communications, we’re one of the North’s longest established film production companies and we have the experience, the knowledge and the enthusiasm to take on your next video project. Why not put us to the test?

got an idea that you want pricing?


Filming P Z Cussons corporate videos

Conference Videos

Conference coverage with up to 4 cameras or video sources is part of our service offering. Livestream your conference and record it at the same time. Then release video highlights within just a few days. All possible and all without it costing a fortune. Ask for a quote.

Filming with a DSLR

Video Training

As well as making training programmes for our clients we are also active in film and TV training ourselves. Our Film Summer School get more popular every year whilst our  half day workshop shows anyone with a phone how to shoot great videos for social media.

Freelance writing

You can also call on Ian’s services as a freelance writer for films, TV, radio and podcasts. With over 25 years’ experience and a background in commercial radio before graduating to TV and film, Ian is happy taking on freelance commissions.

Detail of a storyboard

Storyboard Template

Even if you’re making your own video for social media, you need a script.  But if you don’t fancy writing it all out, scribble it down on a storyboard. Download our useful template (and lots of other cool stuff) on our Production Resources page.

Clapperboard for P Z Cussons training video shoot

Video Director

Ian Sandall is also available as a freelance video director. Ian has worked for the BBC and ITV as well as filming and directing several seasons of classic car and architectural TV shows for steaming services.


As an established TV film and video production company, SPL specialises in creating meaningful and relevant video content. Whether it’s a TV programme for broadcast or YouTube, a sales video for your website or a training video for your staff, our expertise and experience will ensure we create the most effective video marketing or video communications possible.

How do we do this? Well, everyone knows that effective video content is far more impactful than just text or pictures. But it’s very easy to produce something that just isn’t right for your brand. These days there are a lot of people out there wielding video cameras…and just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should….! We know that a badly made video can actually dissuade people from buying your product or service.

So as experienced video producers, we’ll start off by getting under the skin of your company or service, finding out what makes it tick; basically we’ll put in the hours to understand how best to interpret the ideas and concepts you want to communicate. Pointing the camera’s actually the easy bit compared to what we need to do beforehand. For more details of how we go about creating really effective video, keep reading!



Establish your goals

What’s your video strategy? Who’s the target audience? What do you want viewers to do (or think … or act) after they see your film? Whether it’s an explainer video or a corporate video, these questions might seem existential, but the answers are crucial and will guide script development, so it’s vital to spend some quality time on them.



Storytelling, creating the story arc and writing a script that viewers will be comfortable with is all part of our development process and something we’ve done for many years. Covering radio, TV and corporate, we understand the script development process and our services include researching, storyboarding, scriptwriting and art direction. 


Location, Location, Location

You can shoot almost everything in a studio – if you have budget for computer graphics,  sets, props and of course the hire of the studio! But location shooting is getting more feasible as high-end film equipment becomes more portable. New film locations can be found and we can arrange castings for talent at a time and place to suit you.


Pre Production

The pre-production phase is where a truly experienced producer really shows what they’re made of. Because their job is to play devil’s advocate with everything. So they live their lives with a Plan B (or C or D) for everything! Nothing should go wrong on the shoot. But if sh#t happens(!) there should be enough of a plan to make sure no-one notices a thing. Or not much, anyway!



Whether it’s filming with a ‘cast of thousands’, intimate interviews or indeed animation, getting stuff shot, on time, in budget is what it’s all about and over the years we’ve had a few close calls and learnt an awful lot too. It’s impossible to go out filming and NOT learn anything (we think) and our aim is to make every shoot enjoyable, professional and productive.


Post Production

After filming is wrapped, post-production starts –  and this encompasses everything from voice-over recording, video editing, colour grading, music production and the final sound mixing. We can cover it all, either in-house or using specialist production houses.  In-house, we have 4K editing and grading with the latest software and hardware including calibrated monitors.



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