Social media is an intrinsic part of many people’s lives; social media videos are vital to brands with a need to keep their products and services in the minds of their audience. Essentially this is an ephemeral medium so there’s a different mindset to adopt to use social media effectively. Talk to us for more insights and no-nonsense prices for campaigns lasting 6 or 12 months with regular video updates every few weeks. 



  • It’s all about making stylish videos to last just a week or two
  • Ask us about campaigns with regular updates
  • Use cut-downs of longer videos
  • PAYG contracts available


After having produced a comprehensive set of corporate and testimionial videos for Solvo Vir, we were asked to produce some social media cut-downs. We had shot a lot of footage for these productions so were able to choose the most relevant ‘sound bites’ to make powerful videos that told  a great story very quickly.  It’s always worth considering the assets your company already has and seeing whther it’s possible to cut them down for social media purposes. Ask us for an opinion first!


We are very happy with the final product, which is rapidly accumulating views - and likes - on our YouTube channel. The video is polished and engaging with a fluent voiceover and narrative trajectory that is compelling and intriguing.'

The attention to detail from brief to final film from SPL is superb.  Getting to grips with the issues, showing clear understanding of the task in hand and then executing it is rare and Ian managed to do this perfectly and quickly.  His guidance and suggestions resulted in films that exceeded our expectations.  I can’t recommend SPL highly enough.

If you had to go into a warzone, you'd want Ant Middleton beside you. Whatever happens, you know he's got your back. If you're making a video, you need Ian Sandall. He's the Ant Middleton of the video world. Ian knows what has to happen to make a successful video. Whether it's your own money or your marketing budget, you can relax if you get Ian involved. Thoroughly recommended.

We were delighted with the videos produced by SPL. We were also impressed with Ian’s understanding of our processes, enabling him to ask the right questions when interviewing and then structure the videos to appeal to our target audiences. I can highly recommend SPL to anyone looking for a professionally-produced technically-based video."