Creating a case study video is a great way of video marketing. A case study video is reasonably quick to shoot and doesn’t require much in the way of extra resources or time. Case studies work especially well with people’s experiences or recommendations in them – in other words, a testimonial video.

As a highly experienced video production company we have crafted many successful productions of this nature and will work with you in making an engaging case study video to fulfil all your marketing objectives.


  • ‘People buy people’, so turn that to your advantage
  • A cost-effective way of production
  • Ideal for physical products AND services


What if we told you that your corporate video production could be cost-neutral – if effect, pay for itself? There are many video marketing companies out there but few who understand the realities of marketing better than SPL. We’ve worked alongside (and inside) ad agencies and marketing companies for years, so understand the demand for an ROI on everything.

But what if we said we could show how to make case study video pay for itself?  Would that spark your interest in a video case study or two?

For more info on how to leverage video to do just that and to find out how effective are case studies, contact us today!


Ask why are case studies important, and we’ll answer by using the expression ‘people buy people’.

A case study video is one of the most powerful ways to give authority to video marketing. That’s why testimonials are so important to feature. People who are willing to go on camera and say intelligent things about you, your service or your product and perhaps the solutions that your company brought to bear are far more credible than any voiceover or presenter.  People believe them!

Whether they’re from customers, colleagues or consultants, a well-structured testimonial interview is a powerful thing and should feature heavily in any case study film.

And as part of a marketing case study – especially for b2b video marketing – getting the right people to give the right testimonials about your product or service is exactly what we’re great at.


As we’ve said, making an effective case study video is all about using video testimonials to tell your story. Your video content will need to work hard – as your corporate video will have to compete with many others to get attention.

Let’s be clear – having testimonials on film is far more powerful than just a written recommendation from a client or a peer. OK, it takes a little more organisation to achieve, but a video testimonial is far more influential!

So always consider testimonial video as part of a case study. It’s what makes the story come alive!


In most cases it’s not going to make for interesting video content if you carry out a case study interview with only one person. That is, unless that person is really ‘must-see’ viewing – or unless it’s something very personal. Ideally you want a selection of people, each telling a different part of the story or looking at it from a different viewpoint.  In this way, you keep up the viewer’s interest and cover a lot more ground, more quickly.

In our experience, a typical case study video that really makes an impact contains contributions from several people. This is the normal type of video testimonial we’d recommend.


How to write a case study is not as easy as you might think. After all, you can’t write what people are going to say, right?  Wrong.

Your video production company needs to ensure questions are prepared that interviewees will fully respond to as well as ensuring that their possible answers tell the story in the style and language intended. That isn’t always the same thing, so your interviewer needs to be fully up to speed with the film’s aims and ambitions and be able to pose alternative questions to elicit the answer that’s required.

Like most things in this business, preparation is everything and as we are highly experienced in filming testimonial interviews, we’re happy to share our tips and tricks with you.


Here are a few of our recent case study examples. We’ve chosen them to show different types of video testimonials. All the videos discussed are featured here.

Excel Dental: The first example of case study is the simplest – just one person.  But don’t be fooled. Asking the right questions in the right way makes it look easy. There’s a lot of careful editing involved!

Content Guild: This case study example combines the principals of the company together with a client testimonial, showing how using a variety of voices tells the story more quickly and effectively.

Solvo Vir / Recruitment Business: Again a couple of client testimonials together with unscripted interviews (but carefully crafted questions to elicit the right response.)

Steamhaus / This case study example combines testimonials and interviews from staff. We produced several of these featuring different clients.

Arvia Technologies: This case study was one of several we made jusing interviews combined with filming their facilities. Later, with a limited budget and using existing footage we also made an ‘about’ video – an example of getting more use out of existing assets.

If one of these case study examples strikes you as what YOU need for your next video, please get in touch.


People have short attention spans so need punchy stuff otherwise they will click away. So the question of how long should a case study video be depends a lot on the subject matter and the intended target audience.

A corporate video production needs to tell a convincing story – but sometimes quite an involved one – in as short a time as possible without rushing or cheapening the subject matter.  By their vary nature, some testimonial videos cannot be rushed – and they shouldn’t be!

So really the answer is they should be as long as they need to be – and not a second more!


While every case study film is different, there are a few conventions that are worth bearing in mind, so here’s our case study template:

First like every film it needs a beginning, a middle and an end; then basically it’s how to do a case study 101: first explain the problem or issue, then describe what the solution was and finally explain the result and any feedback.

In theory, that’s it. But there’s rather more in how to make a case study video when you start looking at it in more detail. Fortunately for our clients, they can reap the benefit of our years of experience in putting these together!


In b2b video marketing, it’s important that every piece of communication is as cost-effective as possible.  Most case study videos combine testimonials with other footage – sometimes even re-using some from other productions for the same client – a saving in itself.

In most cases, people interviewed in case study videos will not be charging for their time but sometimes a camera crew may need to travel to interview them. ( I have been to Chernobyl and as far afield as Manilla for this!) But compared with making all-singing, all dancing TV ads, the cost is not prohibitive.

A second reason why case study video is worth the money is because of all the additional uses you can get out of what you shoot. For instance, many different edits of your film can be made – right down to very short cuts featuring just the ’bones’ of the story to acts as a teaser on social media. And for this, it’s also possible to re-format the video for a portrait or square screen size.

So that’s why case studies are useful – and they can be cost-effective and powerful too. So your only question is which company will make my next video case study?


We’d like to suggest SPL Communications for your next production!  We’ve been in business for 25+ years and we like to think we know a thing or two about the production of not just corporate video but more specifically, case study video.

Over the years we’ve shot video testimonials with clients all over the the UK and abroad, so we have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

As a long-established video production company we have the background, the expertise and the enthusiasm to do a great job for your next case study video – why not ask us for a quote?


We are very happy with the final product, which is rapidly accumulating views - and likes - on our YouTube channel. The video is polished and engaging with a fluent voiceover and narrative trajectory that is compelling and intriguing.'

The attention to detail from brief to final film from SPL is superb.  Getting to grips with the issues, showing clear understanding of the task in hand and then executing it is rare and Ian managed to do this perfectly and quickly.  His guidance and suggestions resulted in films that exceeded our expectations.  I can’t recommend SPL highly enough.

If you had to go into a warzone, you'd want Ant Middleton beside you. Whatever happens, you know he's got your back. If you're making a video, you need Ian Sandall. He's the Ant Middleton of the video world. Ian knows what has to happen to make a successful video. Whether it's your own money or your marketing budget, you can relax if you get Ian involved. Thoroughly recommended.

We were delighted with the videos produced by SPL. We were also impressed with Ian’s understanding of our processes, enabling him to ask the right questions when interviewing and then structure the videos to appeal to our target audiences. I can highly recommend SPL to anyone looking for a professionally-produced technically-based video."

"Working with SPL Communications, has been an excellent experience. This was our first attempt at creating professionally produced YouTube videos. Ian Sandall's experience and guidance made this process stress free and the production seamless. We are delighted with the results. We will be using Ian again, and would recommend him without hesitation."

"We all enjoyed working with Ian Sandall, SPL Communications. He understood exactly what we needed from the first phone call and we are really delighted with the professional video he has produced for us. Ian was enthusiastic and proactive throughout the project which made working with him very easy. He visited our engineering factory prior to filming, liaised with the engineers and office staff to be filmed and guided the preparation. Highly recommended."

"This is the first video RoC has produced and SPL Communications (Ian Sandall) was chosen based on their experience in the architecture and construction sector.

Ian has been an absolute true professional and has guided us gently but firmly down the road to creating the most engaging company video. I would highly recommend him to any company."

"We commissioned Ian to produce a series of testimonial videos of our dealerships.
Ian was amazing. He took into account everything we wanted to get out of the videos and delivered above and beyond.
During the whole process, there was clear and regular communication with various suggestions, additions and changes. He made the whole thing effortless. Polite and professional all the way through. I can imagine we will be seeing him again for more.

"If you are after someone who is flexible, dedicated, understands your vision and someone who doesn't stop until the final result is perfect then SPL Communications should be your go to! I've lost count of the amount of hours i've spent working with Ian across 2022, he became a part of a team for us."

"Ian was very personable and easy to work with both from my perspective as the project manager but also for the members of staff who had to get up in front of the camera, which was very much out of their comfort zone.
Everyone throughout the organisation was delighted with the final versions of all the videos produced and we’re already seeing the benefits of using these within our recruitment marketing activity."
I would absolutely recommend SPL Communications to anyone considering them for their video production work."