SPL Communications offers a wide range of video production services. So if you’re looking for videos and aren’t sure which video production agency to talk to, why not request a no-obligation quote?

As established video producers, we have the experience to take your brand story and transform it into high quality video advertising. Whatever style of video production you need – business video production services, charity video production, post-production for self-shot video or any other video services, SPL are the production agency to talk to!






SPL are highly experienced producers of promotional video. Put us to the test!  Just ask for some promotional video ideas from us and see what we could achieve within your budget. Promo videos are something we’re good at making; we have the experience and knowledge to produce meaningful and effective promotional videos for business – because we’re the video production specialists!


A Promo video or Teaser video is often what you’ll use for the launch of a new product or service. It keeps your audience interested and wanting more. Promotional videos are ideal video content for websites, keeping viewers on the page – and hopefully viewing other videos whilst there. This is classic longer-form video advertising and we can create memorable and effective high quality promotional video production at a very competitive cost.


  • Ideal for product launches / refreshes
  • Normally a bit longer than a TV ad
  • Make multiple films for best impact


A still from a Davies Paint TV commercial shot in Manilla, The Philippines

Commercial video production services was where we began and so we have years of knowledge in tv adverts. If you’ve been involved in making video before, you may find TV commercial production is quite similar – although far more intense! Because your brand story could be 30 seconds or less, we’re experts in getting to the point quickly. So every second counts in TV ads production – and you can trust us to make the most of it in every commercial video we produce!


  • Make your ad budget work harder
  • Many years production experience
  • The shortform to end all shortforms!


The main crew of Steamhaus taken at launch

We get asked a lot about video for social media. Like: what’s the Twitter video format? … or the Facebook video format? …. Or the best video format for Instagram?  And the answer is … Leave that to us! We’re on top of the ever-changing requirements for social media video content. Basically, social media videos should be as short as possible, whilst still making sense. And normally they need subtitles to aid engagement. More importantly, we can advise you on what does and doesn’t work in social media videos. Some production agencies will just take your money. Not us. We’ll make sure the content creation we propose is right for you, your brand and your sales objectives.


  • We can advise on content that works
  • Subtitles are important
  • A campaign that’s right for you


A client being filmed for a corporate video

Your brand story is a precious thing! So too should be the marketing videos you commission.  That’s why we promise when you work with us, your marketing video production will not only reflect your brand’s true values, it’ll work. Simple as that. We know not every viral marketing campaign will be as successful as others right away. It’s an inexact science. But by using a variety of tools, we can minimise wastage and steer campaigns towards their goal. We know and understand online video marketing, so ask us to quote for your next campaign!


  • Your brand’s crucial values protected
  • We’ll plan your campaign
  • We’ll work with you to get best ROI
Filming with a Canon camera
Filming with a DSLR
A Canon video camera
A director looking at a field monitor during filming


We started in corporate video production a good few years ago. Then, all videos were shot in 4:3 at standard definition. We’ve come a long way with video since then; today all our corporate videos are shot in 4K for the best quality and flexibility in post-production. As one of the most knowledgeable companies in the North offering corporate video production services, we’re more than capable of putting together a compelling brand story for your next company video. Whether it’s a charity video production, an animated corporate film or covering a conference or event, we’ll be happy to give you a competitive quote.


Filming P Z Cussons corporate videos in Salford

 Sometimes when you mention corporate video, people’s eyes glaze over. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Here, we love making corporate videos that energise and involve the viewer. So, for your next company video why not ask us to get involved? We’re one of the North’s longest-established corporate video production companies. Whether it’s a live action or an animated corporate video, our many years’ experience in corporate film production services means we have the right knowledge and skills … and more importantly,  a real understanding of how business works to bring your creative vision to life.


  • We understand how business works
  • Boardroom to shopfloor
  • Years of high-end video experience


Filming a corporate video

As experienced trainers, we understand how important training is, and how we can best combine accepted teaching methods with all the possibilities that video offers. We’ve also produced and written our own on-line training programmes, so understand every stage of the process. As an experienced video production company we can either make your video training or arrange for you to get relevant and up-to-date training in video production or presentation. We also offer one to one training and video training courses for large or small groups.


  • We make effective training films
  • Or we can train you and your team
  • Many years practical experience


As experts in video making, we’re confident in being able to recommend the best creative route for your CSR videos. It’s a fine line between schmaltz and sincerity! But as one of the North’s original video marketing companies we have the business experience and creative know-how to put together the ideal communication and create meaningful promotional videos for business whilst still reinforcing all of your CSR messages. Ask us for a no-obligation costing and creative treatment.


  • Communicate your CSR Values
  • Many years experience
  • Contact us for more info


Ask us about video streaming services. We offer up to four HD cameras for YouTube live streaming or other web livestreaming services. Yes, you could do it yourself with your phone but is that really the impression you want to put over? So if you want to know how to livestream on YouTube successfully, ask us! We offer a turn-key YouTube broadcast package, fully crewed, anywhere in the UK, together with lighting and staging as required.  Your livestreaming show can also be simultaneously recorded  and re-edited later if required.


  • Ideal for product launches 
  • Livestream with up to 4 cameras
  • Fixed price packages


Aerial adventure course at Crieff Hydro Hotel

Ask us about production of event videography. We can supply ‘as live’ video files on the day or edited highlights a few days after your live event filming. All with your original slides / graphics / play-in videos combined if required. We normally cover these with up to four cameras and sound. We can cover your event video – whatever size –  anywhere in the UK for a fixed price. Please ask for more details of our event filming service.


  • Events anywhere in the UK
  • Coverage with up to four cameras
  • Video files on the day if required
Filming a dancer with a Canon C500
Filming with a DSLR
Filming with a DSLR
Filming a video on a rooftop with a DSLR


We’re the video production company that knows how to tell a story. We’re creative and still cost-effective – and our video services will be delivered within your timescale and inside your budget. Our production services range from simple post-production to full-concept multi-camera productions.


From simple motion graphics to more complex characterisations, we know how to make animated videos. Whether it’s an animated corporate video or animated marketing videos, we have the skills to commission and create animated video that is effective and impactful. Because having been storytelling for many years, we know how to animate to get your message across in the most effective way. What is animation most useful for? Well, telling stories that can’t be told effectively in any other way. Your imagination is the only limit to create animated video!


  • Tell a story a different way
  • Many years animation experience
  • Ask for a consultation


Colour grading control during post production

We can produce interactive video for training use. There are various different delivery methods depending on the viewer base and application required but whatever system used, our creative video production will drive up user engagement and achieve your learning objectives. Sometimes these may be in the form of a web video and in other cases we may use a PowerPoint/video hybrid. If you’re stuck on interactive video, talk to us!


  • PowerPoint is still a useful tool – we’re experts at it.
  • Adding video makes it more powerful
  • Or we’ll suggest other web-based solutions


A drone taking off. Flyer/camera: Matt Jackson/Greg Smith

Our licensed and insured drone pilots offer our clients the latest tech at competitive prices. Drone filming (and aerial filming generally) has quite a few regulations and our specialists will tell us quickly whether we can shoot drone videos in specific postcodes.  Or whether it’s possible to shoot in your indoor venue (often it is!) or areas that you might think are restricted.  Like helicopter filming but without the massive budgets, drone videos can really add an ‘edge’ to your video productions. We have the experience and the know-how to make that happen for you.


  • A whole new angle
  • Increases production values
  • CAA-licensed pilots, fully insured
Filming a dancer using a Ronin gimbal
Shooting MINI corporate videos at The Goodwood Festival of Speed
Filming 'Classic Cars UK' in Wales
A white 'scoop' set up for photography or filming


So what is a Product Video?  Put simply, it’s the best way to show off your product or service to the world – on your website, on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or You Tube. Product Videos might just feature some of the main highlights of your product or be an in-depth how-to video. As one of the North’s most experienced video marketing agencies we have extensive experience of making effective and impactful product videos.


Filming P Z Cussons '125' in Jakarta, Indonesia

A sales video is probably the best way to show off your product!  Sales videos come in many shapes and sizes and if you haven’t been involved in professional video-making before, you may be surprised at the level of detail we work to.  Basically, as we started off making TV commercials, we pay close attention to things that other less-experienced video production companies may not even consider! Ask us for a free no-obligation creative treatment and see what we mean!


  • We are the experts
  • Many years production experience
  • High standards but realistic prices


Filming an interview for a training video

Mention explainer video and you might initially imagine some cutesy muted-colour animation and a soundtrack consisting of someone whistling a happy ditty accompanied by a strummed mandolin. But it doesn’t have to be that way!! Trust us to make explainer videos that actually explain – and actually use video with imagination (and sometimes even wit!) We’re the video company that don’t always try and sell you cookie-cutter animation (or worse – an animated whiteboard video) when you really don’t need it!


  • A creative approach to your brief
  • NOT just a film we want to sell you
  • We have a ‘product first’ mentality


Mac keyboard closeup

It’s a little-known fact (by most people in advertising & marketing) that to explain how software works you don’t need to use cute animated characters. You can actually use real people and classy graphics  – and it can even cost less. Yes really! That said, we’re not against animation – we just think there are often more viable alternatives for your product video production. And the big advantage is your software demo video won’t look like everyone else’s either!


  • Animation isn’t the only way
  • We’ll show you workable alternatives 
  • It doesn’t need to cost a fortune



"The attention to detail from brief to final film from SPL is superb.  Getting to grips with the issues, showing clear understanding of the task in hand and then executing it is rare and Ian managed to do this perfectly and quickly.  His guidance and suggestions resulted in films that exceeded our expectations.  I can’t recommend SPL highly enough."

Helen Dickenson, Head of Marketing, Solvo Vir


"If you are after someone who is flexible, dedicated, understands your vision and someone who doesn't stop until the final result is perfect then SPL Communications should be your go to! I've lost count of the amount of hours I've spent working with Ian across 2022; he became a part of a team for us.."

Gabi Challis, Bauer Media


"We are very happy with the final product, which is rapidly accumulating views – and likes - on our YouTube channel. The video is polished and engaging, with a fluent voice-over and narrative trajectory that is compelling and also intriguing.
We are absolutely delighted and we cannot recommend SPL Communications, and Ian Sandall, highly enough."

Patrick Gaydecki, Signal Wizard Systems


"We were delighted with the videos produced by SPL. We were also impressed with Ian’s understanding of our processes, enabling him to ask the right questions when interviewing and then structure the videos to appeal to our target audiences. I can highly recommend SPL to anyone looking for a professionally-produced technically-based video."

Mike Lodge, Former CEO, Arvia Technology