Video production costs

Or: How long is a piece of string?

It happens to us all the time. And even after being asked it on a regular basis for over 25 years it still never ceases to amaze!  For some reason, people think that what we do has an inbuilt price-list …

Look, say you sell cars. How often do people ask you ‘How much do cars cost?’.

I wonder whether estate agents get asked all the time how much houses cost?

Or even artists asked how much paintings cost?

So why do people keep asking me how much do films cost?  It almost the first question once you get into conversation. And giving the a smartarse reply doesn’t normally win friends (or business.)

So please – pity the poor director/cameraperson/producer and rather than ask THAT question, just say ‘Hasn’t the weather been nice today?’

Because if you really want to know how much it costs, we’d need to ask you a lot of questions first – or you could send us a brief.  For more information about briefs and how to choose the right video production company, take a look at this article.